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Yellow Hammer Nails It With Carl Tatz Design MixRoom™

August 7th, 2014

Nashville, TN: “Every once in a while we have the opportunity to bump up our game to a new level as experience and technology allows us to. This has been the case with Justin Ray Miller and his Apella Music’s new Yellow Hammer studio,” stated TEC Award-Winning studio designer Carl Tatz. “And now these new performance advantages will trickle down across the board to all our future projects.”


Yellow Hammer is a comprehensive custom Carl Tatz Design (CTD) studio built from the ground up for film and game-scoring composer/recording engineer Justin Ray Miller on the property of his East Nashville home. Opened in 2014, the studio encompasses a CTD MixRoom™, piano booth, restroom, computer closet and entry foyer. It features the acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System™ (PFS™) driving a Dynaudio Professional M1 monitor/Bryston 4B Pro SST Squared amplification combo that showcases the new Sound Anchor PhantomFocus™ Stand and a new custom application of the Carl Tatz Design Signature Series™ acoustic modules by Auralex – highlighted by the new Axial Mode Absorber Wall™ (AMAW)™ and the MixRoom Acoustic Lens™system. The tracking room ceiling features the new Parabolic Acoustic Room Expander (PARE)™. And the MixRoom also features a new custom Carl Tatz Edition™ Dual 15-KL800 workstation by Argosy Console.


“I’ve been an audiophile for over a decade, but when I first heard Carl’s PhantomFocus System, I instantly knew that I never truly heard low end until that moment. Being able to hear a full frequency response accurately down to 20 Hz has allowed me to create fuller mixes and appreciate other producers work like never before,” states Miller. He goes on to explain, “The stereo imaging of the PhantomFocus System paired with the very powerful Dynaudio Professional M1 monitors and Bryston amplification is the most three-dimensional stereo playback out there. I saw a client recently trying to reach out and touch the sounds coming from the speakers as he listened to the mix we had just completed!”


Poorly-placed video screens can be problematic for optimum audio imaging and that’s why we spec large wall-mounted LCD screens for computer displays. However, in Justin’s case, being a film composer and needing multiple screens, we had to come up with a solution to allow for a total of three screens and not compromise the PFS performance. We were able to take Justin’s idea of how he wanted his Doepfer LMK2+ MIDI keyboard controller positioned in the desk and applied a deep-mount screen application for two video monitors with the help of Argosy Console CEO David Atkins and his design team. So successful was this collaboration that Argosy is now offering a new line of workstations inspired by it under the Carl Tatz Edition™ moniker.


Miller adds, “From the incredible MixRoom to the unique tracking room design, to the best desk a composer could hope to work at, Carl had an eye and ear for what I wanted to accomplish and helped me achieve that within the budget we planned. He’s a great guy to direct a studio construction project.  He always thinks one step ahead and his experience will let you trust him on making the best decisions for your studio.”

For more information about Carl Tatz Design LLC and the PhantomFocus™ System, please contact Carl Tatz Design LLC, 6666 Brookmont Terrace, Suite #1109, Nashville, TN 37205 Office: 615.354.6242, Direct: 615.400.5479  Email:  Web:

ARGOSY is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-end technical furniture for leading recording control rooms, post-production houses, film facilities and high tech venues worldwide. The company prides itself on responding to clients’ individual application-specific needs using a variety of custom materials and unique finishes, with careful attention to aesthetic design and ergonomic details. Since 1994, Argosy products have been installed at thousands of award-winning facilities in countries worldwide.

Work… Like a Rockstar

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Roy Hendrickson

August 29th, 2012

Roy, at his NYC based studio, has mixed and recorded with many artists over the last 25 years including; Paul McCartney, James McCartney, Wilco / Feist, Ingrid Michaelson, The Rubens, Sean Lennon, Jupiter One, Mary J Blige, Frank Sinatra, Push Play, Blondie, Roberta Flack, POD, Carly Simon, Kirk Whalum, Jennifer Knapp, Nicole C. Mullen, Cheap Trick, Teddy Thompson, Renee Fleming, La India, Prince Royce, Ben E.King and many more.

Roy Hendrickson

Roy Hendrickson at his studio

Creatively working in the digital and analog domains; Argosy brings it all together acting as the centerpiece for both rooms of his Dream Studio.

Find out more about Roy Hendrickson by visiting his website here:

ARGOSY is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-end technical furniture for leading recording control rooms, post-production houses, film facilities and high tech venues worldwide. The company prides itself on responding to clients’ individual application-specific needs using a variety of custom materials and unique finishes, with careful attention to aesthetic design and ergonomic details. Since 1994, Argosy products have been installed at thousands of award-winning facilities in countries worldwide.

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Featured Audio Designer: Rob Bridgett

March 9th, 2012

ARGOSY 90 V-Series @ Radical Entertainment

Rob Bridgett is senior audio director at Radical Entertainment in Vancouver, BC (shown in the pictures). In 1993 he attended Derby University to study cinema and media, after which he was one of the first to graduate from the ‘Sound Design for the Moving Image’ Master’s degree programme at Bournemouth University in 1999.

Radical Entertainment chose ARGOSY as the centerpiece for the only dedicated internal developer 7.1 THX PM3 Mix stage in North America.

Throughout his career, Bridgett has become a committed writer, speaker and evangelist for the promotion of sound in video games, with publications in a wide variety of journals, books and magazines. A strong advocate of cinematic production techniques, in 2006 he worked closely with Randy Thom pioneering the post-production sound design and mix for Vivendi’s Scarface video game at Skywalker Ranch. He has just finished audio direction & mix work on the highly anticipated Prototype 2 video game for Activision.  Rob is an advisory board member for the Game Audio Network Guild and co-chair of the IESD.

For more information about Rob Bridgett and Radical Entertainment please click to visit their website.

To receive details about the ARGOSY 90 V-Series and other models of technical / studio furniture solutions, please visit the ARGOSY website here.



ARGOSY provides technical furniture solution for the medical industry.

March 8th, 2012

ARGOSY Aura.260 Workstation

* Photo Courtesy of NuPhysicia (

NuPhysicia is a world-wide leader in advanced medical services. Evolving in 2007 from the hallmark tele-medicine programs of the University of Texas Medical Branch, NuPhysicia has established a global footprint providing healthcare services via their patented method, DMS®, for  customers world-wide.  According to their website: “NuPhysicia’s products use a patented business method that uses telemedicine technology to distribute a single doctor’s services across multiple locations and markets. It combines videoconferencing, secure SSL Internet, ASP web systems for medical records and analytics into products that are operated around the globe.”.  Find out more about NuPhysicia by visiting their website here. 

ARGOSY engages in the research, design, manufacture and sales of technical furniture products in the U.S. and internationally.  The company provides a service of fulfilling customers’ needs for application specific design and using a variety of materials and finishes.  ARGOSY offers its products through two primary channels, including independent Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), Systems Designers, as well as factory direct to end users and governmental units.  ARGOSY was founded in 1994.  Find out more about ARGOSY by visiting their website here.



Waltz Mastering

March 1st, 2012


Waltz Mastering is dedicated to providing a high quality, fast and affordable mastering service for clients from anywhere around the world.

Waltz Mastering takes pride in delivering masters that meet and surpass our clients demands and vision and sound very balanced, warm, present, fat and loud without sounding harsh or crushed.

Modern recorded music needs to translate and sound it’s best on a wide variety
of playback systems from ear buds to a full out club systems and everything in between.

Understanding and having experience and an appreciation for the many genres and styles of music in addition to listening to our clients needs is at the heart of having the music sound it’s best. It is important to have attention paid to detail and for an album contents to have continuity and flow from song to song.

Please visit our web site at
or email Tom at

For more information about Argosy, please visit: Argosy Console

Studio Maia – Genova, Italy

February 14th, 2012

Studio Maia is a recording studio acoustically treated, finely equipped, with affordable price.
The studio specializes in the music recording, mixing and professional mastering.


Studio Maia is perfect to realize musical projects of Pop, Rock, Jazz /Blues / Soul, New Age, Hip Hop / R & B / Rap, Electronica / Dance and Classical Music.

The business was founded in 1996 by Verdiano Vera(Sound Engineer, Producer, Publisher, Studio Manager) and boasts the creation of numerous recording projects, film and television internationally.

Studio Maia is perfect also to realize Sound tracks and Sound Design 5.1, dubbing and voiceovers.


For more information about Studio Maia, please visit

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In the studio with Alan Parsons . . .

January 11th, 2010

In conjunction with Key Fax Media, Alan Parsons has set out to explore and explain the Art and Science of Sound Recording.  Soon to be available in a 3 dvd boxed set and shot in HD, Alan Parsons (who needs no introduction) opens a discussion of virtually every aspect of recording, beginning with ‘Studio Acoustics’ in DVD 1 through EQ’s, Mics, Mixing and even ‘Dealing with Disasters’ in the final disc.


Alan Parsons at the ARGOSY Console - working on the Art and Science of Sound Recording

For more information on Art and Science of Sound Recording visit their website here:  Additional thanks to Key Fax New Media.


Argosy Console is a sponsor of the Art and Science of Sound Recording project.  For more information on Argosy Console, click here.

Check out Beaird Music Group

January 6th, 2010

Larry Beaird started recording for songwriters in 1981 with a small 4-track studio that was operated out of his home. In 1988, the company incorporated, and it has grown through the years into the impressive 24-track digital recording facility that it is today. With Larry Beaird at the helm, Beaird Music Group, Inc. has recorded songs for songwriters in 49 U.S. states, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia, and Switzerland.

90 Series for Digidesign C|24

90 Series for Digidesign C|24

Beaird Music Group, Inc. (voted one of Nashville’s best recording studios by readers of Music Row Magazine) is one of Nashville’s premier recording facilities – located in the heart of Nashville, the recording complex houses 3 studios.

ARGOSY Dual 15 workstation

ARGOSY Dual 15 workstation

For more aboutBeaird Music Group visit their website here:

For more about the ARGOSY technical furniture you see pictured visit ARGOSY here:

Come visit Soapbox Studios . . .

August 28th, 2009

Since it’s start in 1998 with three audio post suites, Soapbox has evolved into a multi-service creative company with four primary areas of expertise: Post Production, Music, Design, and Production.

Spanning over four separate facilities and two continents, housing over two dozen studios, an award winning staff, and the best gear the industry has to offer, no wonder clients from such diverse areas as: CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel, all the way to ESPN, TBS, TNT, Coca Cola, Cartoon Network, and so many others, have all counted on the services of Soapbox Studios.

Argosy Dual 15 Workstation @ Soapbox Studios

Argosy Dual 15 Workstation @ Soapbox Studios

With musical credits that read like a who’s who of the record industry, Soapbox Studios is among the country’s most sought after music recording and mix studios, providing services for top music clients Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Ciara, Missy Elliott, Usher, Rihanna and Leona Lewis to name a few.  The Soapbox Music team consists of Grammy award winning producers, mixers, and engineers who can be found across our two state-of-the-art buildings in Atlanta.

Soapbox Studios’ high-end video and audio suites are equipped with the latest technology for editing, compositing, voiceover recording, and sound design. Additionally, the five music-recording studios yield spaces for live recording and writing. Clients are made to feel at home, so they always have access to runners, high-speed wireless Internet, lunch, snacks, and beverages to enjoy at their disposal.

Soapbox Studios featuring ARGOSY Mirage for Digidesign D-Command

Soapbox Studios featuring ARGOSY Mirage for Digidesign D-Command

“I just LOVE my ICON and when it came time to choose a desk for our D-Commands, the Mirage was the obvious choice with it’s more forward “active ” mix position that is critical when sweetening and mixing everything from 15-22 minute cartoons to hour long BBC documentaries.   We also bought the speaker stands that bolt to the back and it puts them at the perfect level for our 5.1 Genelec system.  When you are at a console for 9-10 hours a day, the right studio furniture makes all the difference – it has to look good for the clients and be functional for the editors.  The ARGOSY Mirage puts the D-Command in just the right position to be comfortable for those extended mixing days. The Mirage “feels” like it’s just an extension of the console since it is so integrated into the D-Command design.”

– JC Richardson, Soapbox Studios’ Senior Audio Engineer.

To learn more about Soapbox Studios visit their website here:

The Ultimate Garage Studio

July 10th, 2009

NEW YORK: Behind the garage doors of hit producer/composer Robert Clivillés’ elegant home are not the Bentley or Maserati one might expect, but an equally  impressive level of technical excellence.  Internationally acclaimed for his C+C Music Factory #1 smash “Gonna Make You Sweat,” and hits for artists ranging from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam to Mariah Carey and New Kids on the Block, Clivillés has totally refocused his production and distribution approach.  Shifting from his original 5,000 sq. ft. Fifth Ave. NYC studio to pastoral upstate NY, he is free to record, produce, mix and distribute his music as the ultimate independent.

“The fundamental structure of the music industry changed radically in the past few years,” Clivillés says.  “Recording and acoustic technology is vastly improved. The emergence of small, self-contained studios and the move to extremely fast and lucrative iTunes distribution by independent artists, coincided with my desire to spend as much time as possible with my wife and kids.

Pictured: Custom ARGOSY Mirage for D-Command and Spire Rack 'n Roll

Pictured: Custom ARGOSY Mirage for D-Command and Spire Rack 'n Roll. (Photo by Robert Wolsch)

“I was very impressed by Integrated Studios in TriBeCa, and when I decided to build a pro studio I called the team responsible for that showplace.  Dave Malekpour of Professional Audio Design ( provided invaluable advice on equipment selection and integration.  John Storyk’s Walters-Storyk Design Group ( has the best credentials in the business. Dave and John assured me that the studio could be built quickly and economically.”

The 500 sq. ft., two-car garage provided ample room for a spacious mixing desk. The studio features a DigiDesign ICON D console with 24 channels fitted to a Pro Tools HD3 Accel Core System; Apogee converters; custom Augspurger 1×15 Main Monitors and Yamaha NS-10 nearfield speakers on motorized stands, all controlled by a DOLBY Lake Contour DSP Management system.

PAD developed an effective outboard equipment package including high end preamps, channel strips and compressors wired to an API 8200 8 x 2 analog Summing Mixer. Positioned under the desk when not in use, this streamlined rack easily rolls out to provide Clivillés with a powerful collection of gear. The 75 sq. ft. vocal booth is large enough to accommodate a full-up drum kit. Storyk included two windows to provide the studio with ample streams of sunlight (or starlight).  To preserve the symmetry of the room, he split the equipment into a pair of 6 ft. racks, positioning them in individual soundproof machine rooms to the left and right of the vocal booth.

“The Paradise Garage is a textbook example of our collaborative efforts with WSDG,” PAD’s Malekpour said.  “Working within a fixed budget we were able to assemble an extensive package of gear which equips Robert with an extraordinary range of technical options and assures him of the warm analog sound that distinguishes his work. The custom speaker cabinets feature eight coats of Ferrari-red high gloss paint, and are powered by 14B SST Pro amplifiers for the mids, Crown 5000VZ for the lows and

Chord Electronics SPA 1032 for the highs.  Not exactly what you’d expect to find in the garage of a house like this!

“By working simultaneously on the studio’s technical and physical design, PAD and WSDG developed an extremely comfortable facility that represents the future of recording: Small, powerful, artist-owned and extremely flexible,” Malekpour adds.

“Paradise Garage is a showcase for innovative new acoustic treatments,” points out John Storyk.  “A pair of ultra-thin perforated membrane Clearsorber™ panels from RPG are positioned between the rear of the speakers and the rack room doors, creating an absorptive boundary to reduce SBIR (speaker boundary interference effect).   Practically invisible, they lend the room a warm, natural-sounding accuracy.  By complementing them with Topakustik™ tuned wood, fabric side wall absorbers and a mid-high frequency wooden diffusion rear wall diffuser, we’ve created a handsome and extremely tunable space.  A cut-slab floating floor in the recording room enabled us to deliver NCR 15 levels in the vocal booth and NC20 – 22 in the control room.  Fortunately the garage had a typical concrete base floor which was extremely helpful to insuring full isolation when Robert decided to add subwoofers.”

WSDG Project Sr. Manager Romina Larregina reveals that the primary design challenge was developing a spacious environment within the limited sq. footage. “Robert Clivillés works with a large creative group, and they all needed elbow room,” she explains.  “Argosy Console’s custom mill workers did a terrific job of fabricating a desk capable of accommodating the ICON Console and as many as six (or more) artists, engineers, and other team members. The fact that this room looks and feels much larger than it actually is confirms our design success. It’s also noteworthy from a time frame perspective.  From initial drawings through final construction supervised by Joe Guiseppi of My Contractor Inc., the studio was up and running in just five months.”

”The Paradise Garage Studio signals the next chapter in my personal life as well as my career,” Clivillés concludes.  “I’m able to work as late and as loud as necessary.  I don’t have to worry about the ticking clock and, thanks to WSDG’s acoustic expertise, we’re completely isolated from inside and outside sound leaks.  Neither my wife and kids or the neighbors have a clue about our dB levels when we crank up the speakers.”

More about Walters-Storyk Design Group here.