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Come visit Soapbox Studios . . .

August 28th, 2009

Since it’s start in 1998 with three audio post suites, Soapbox has evolved into a multi-service creative company with four primary areas of expertise: Post Production, Music, Design, and Production.

Spanning over four separate facilities and two continents, housing over two dozen studios, an award winning staff, and the best gear the industry has to offer, no wonder clients from such diverse areas as: CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel, all the way to ESPN, TBS, TNT, Coca Cola, Cartoon Network, and so many others, have all counted on the services of Soapbox Studios.

Argosy Dual 15 Workstation @ Soapbox Studios

Argosy Dual 15 Workstation @ Soapbox Studios

With musical credits that read like a who’s who of the record industry, Soapbox Studios is among the country’s most sought after music recording and mix studios, providing services for top music clients Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Ciara, Missy Elliott, Usher, Rihanna and Leona Lewis to name a few.  The Soapbox Music team consists of Grammy award winning producers, mixers, and engineers who can be found across our two state-of-the-art buildings in Atlanta.

Soapbox Studios’ high-end video and audio suites are equipped with the latest technology for editing, compositing, voiceover recording, and sound design. Additionally, the five music-recording studios yield spaces for live recording and writing. Clients are made to feel at home, so they always have access to runners, high-speed wireless Internet, lunch, snacks, and beverages to enjoy at their disposal.

Soapbox Studios featuring ARGOSY Mirage for Digidesign D-Command

Soapbox Studios featuring ARGOSY Mirage for Digidesign D-Command

“I just LOVE my ICON and when it came time to choose a desk for our D-Commands, the Mirage was the obvious choice with it’s more forward “active ” mix position that is critical when sweetening and mixing everything from 15-22 minute cartoons to hour long BBC documentaries.   We also bought the speaker stands that bolt to the back and it puts them at the perfect level for our 5.1 Genelec system.  When you are at a console for 9-10 hours a day, the right studio furniture makes all the difference – it has to look good for the clients and be functional for the editors.  The ARGOSY Mirage puts the D-Command in just the right position to be comfortable for those extended mixing days. The Mirage “feels” like it’s just an extension of the console since it is so integrated into the D-Command design.”

– JC Richardson, Soapbox Studios’ Senior Audio Engineer.

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