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Featured Audio Designer: Rob Bridgett

March 9th, 2012

ARGOSY 90 V-Series @ Radical Entertainment

Rob Bridgett is senior audio director at Radical Entertainment in Vancouver, BC (shown in the pictures). In 1993 he attended Derby University to study cinema and media, after which he was one of the first to graduate from the ‘Sound Design for the Moving Image’ Master’s degree programme at Bournemouth University in 1999.

Radical Entertainment chose ARGOSY as the centerpiece for the only dedicated internal developer 7.1 THX PM3 Mix stage in North America.

Throughout his career, Bridgett has become a committed writer, speaker and evangelist for the promotion of sound in video games, with publications in a wide variety of journals, books and magazines. A strong advocate of cinematic production techniques, in 2006 he worked closely with Randy Thom pioneering the post-production sound design and mix for Vivendi’s Scarface video game at Skywalker Ranch. He has just finished audio direction & mix work on the highly anticipated Prototype 2 video game for Activision.  Rob is an advisory board member for the Game Audio Network Guild and co-chair of the IESD.

For more information about Rob Bridgett and Radical Entertainment please click to visit their website.

To receive details about the ARGOSY 90 V-Series and other models of technical / studio furniture solutions, please visit the ARGOSY website here.