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ARGOSY provides technical furniture solution for the medical industry.

March 8th, 2012

ARGOSY Aura.260 Workstation

* Photo Courtesy of NuPhysicia (http://www.Nuphysicia.com)

NuPhysicia is a world-wide leader in advanced medical services. Evolving in 2007 from the hallmark tele-medicine programs of the University of Texas Medical Branch, NuPhysicia has established a global footprint providing healthcare services via their patented method, DMS®, for  customers world-wide.  According to their website: “NuPhysicia’s products use a patented business method that uses telemedicine technology to distribute a single doctor’s services across multiple locations and markets. It combines videoconferencing, secure SSL Internet, ASP web systems for medical records and analytics into products that are operated around the globe.”.  Find out more about NuPhysicia by visiting their website here. 

ARGOSY engages in the research, design, manufacture and sales of technical furniture products in the U.S. and internationally.  The company provides a service of fulfilling customers’ needs for application specific design and using a variety of materials and finishes.  ARGOSY offers its products through two primary channels, including independent Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), Systems Designers, as well as factory direct to end users and governmental units.  ARGOSY was founded in 1994.  Find out more about ARGOSY by visiting their website here.