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Hiltongrove Mastering; UK

January 27th, 2012

Welcome to David Blackman Hiltongrove Mastering, North Essex’s premier audio mastering studio. Tucked away on a farm not far from Stansted Airport, here you’ll find a mastering studio dedicated to giving you a great sounding master every time.

ARGOSY 50V-2R featured at Hiltongrove Mastering


A mastering engineer since 1996, David Blackman has worked on thousands of releases in that time. Whether it’s a simple editing and compiling job, or a full blown album master involving B-sides, single edits and vinyl parts, you can be sure of the same attention to detail and the highest quality results. Only the best gear will come near your audio in our mastering studio, and the results be reproduced through industry standard monitors in a highly treated listening environment.

For more information on Hiltongrove Mastering visit their website here: http://www.hiltongrovemastering.com/


For product information including configurations, dimensions, and pricing for the ARGOSY V-Series line, please visit ARGOSY here.