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Waltz Mastering

March 1st, 2012


Waltz Mastering is dedicated to providing a high quality, fast and affordable mastering service for clients from anywhere around the world.

Waltz Mastering takes pride in delivering masters that meet and surpass our clients demands and vision and sound very balanced, warm, present, fat and loud without sounding harsh or crushed.

Modern recorded music needs to translate and sound it’s best on a wide variety
of playback systems from ear buds to a full out club systems and everything in between.

Understanding and having experience and an appreciation for the many genres and styles of music in addition to listening to our clients needs is at the heart of having the music sound it’s best. It is important to have attention paid to detail and for an album contents to have continuity and flow from song to song.

Please visit our web site at www.waltzmastering.com
or email Tom at www.waltzmastering@gmail.com

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