Dallas Audio Post adds ARGOSY to the Mix

April 12th, 2012

Established in 1994, Dallas Audio Post is a 10,000 square-foot facility located on the North side of Dallas near 635 and the Tollway.

The team brings decades of experience in field recording, music scoring, voice recording, editing, sound design, and film mixing.

With an extensive network of voice actors, talent agents and musicians available to work on your projects, the longstanding relationships with top quality professionals are always an asset to clients and their projects.

ARGOSY Mirage at Dallas Audio Post | Photo Courtesy of Dallas Audio Post (www.dallasaudiopost.com)


Dallas Audio Post has made a heavy investment in technology that facilitates collaboration both internally and with other facilities. A world-class facility, fiber channel network, and enterprise class data management allows them to live up to the scope and pace of your project.  All of this adds up to exceptional flexibility, quality and data security.

For more information about Dallas Audio Post, please visit their website here: http://www.DallasAudioPost.com.


Argosy engages in the research, design, manufacture, and sales of technical furniture products in the U.S. and internationally.  The company provides a service of fulfilling customers’ needs for application specific design.  Argosy offers its products through two primary channels, including independent Value Added Resellers / System Designers, and Factory Direct to end-users and governmental units.   Argosy was founded in 1994.  The company is headquartered in Eldon, Missouri. Find out more about ARGOSY by visiting http://www.ArgosyConsole.com.


Meet MIG…

April 9th, 2012

MIG stands for Multi Image Group – and they are multi-talented indeed.

The company provides corporate clients with all the talents and resources necessary to create ‘the ultimate’ communications event and strategy for it’s brand.  Pictured is the ARGOSY Aura.520 Workstation for their in-house production studio.

ARGOSY Aura.520 Workstation @ MIG

To learn more about M.I.G. please visit their website by clicking here.

Argosy Console specializes in the design and manufacture of technical furniture solutions for a variety of industries.  To learn more about ARGOSY and the Aura.520 workstation, please visit ARGOSY website by clicking here.


Featured Audio Designer: Rob Bridgett

March 9th, 2012

ARGOSY 90 V-Series @ Radical Entertainment

Rob Bridgett is senior audio director at Radical Entertainment in Vancouver, BC (shown in the pictures). In 1993 he attended Derby University to study cinema and media, after which he was one of the first to graduate from the ‘Sound Design for the Moving Image’ Master’s degree programme at Bournemouth University in 1999.

Radical Entertainment chose ARGOSY as the centerpiece for the only dedicated internal developer 7.1 THX PM3 Mix stage in North America.

Throughout his career, Bridgett has become a committed writer, speaker and evangelist for the promotion of sound in video games, with publications in a wide variety of journals, books and magazines. A strong advocate of cinematic production techniques, in 2006 he worked closely with Randy Thom pioneering the post-production sound design and mix for Vivendi’s Scarface video game at Skywalker Ranch. He has just finished audio direction & mix work on the highly anticipated Prototype 2 video game for Activision.  Rob is an advisory board member for the Game Audio Network Guild and co-chair of the IESD.

For more information about Rob Bridgett and Radical Entertainment please click to visit their website.

To receive details about the ARGOSY 90 V-Series and other models of technical / studio furniture solutions, please visit the ARGOSY website here.



ARGOSY provides technical furniture solution for the medical industry.

March 8th, 2012

ARGOSY Aura.260 Workstation

* Photo Courtesy of NuPhysicia (http://www.Nuphysicia.com)

NuPhysicia is a world-wide leader in advanced medical services. Evolving in 2007 from the hallmark tele-medicine programs of the University of Texas Medical Branch, NuPhysicia has established a global footprint providing healthcare services via their patented method, DMS®, for  customers world-wide.  According to their website: “NuPhysicia’s products use a patented business method that uses telemedicine technology to distribute a single doctor’s services across multiple locations and markets. It combines videoconferencing, secure SSL Internet, ASP web systems for medical records and analytics into products that are operated around the globe.”.  Find out more about NuPhysicia by visiting their website here. 

ARGOSY engages in the research, design, manufacture and sales of technical furniture products in the U.S. and internationally.  The company provides a service of fulfilling customers’ needs for application specific design and using a variety of materials and finishes.  ARGOSY offers its products through two primary channels, including independent Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), Systems Designers, as well as factory direct to end users and governmental units.  ARGOSY was founded in 1994.  Find out more about ARGOSY by visiting their website here.



Waltz Mastering

March 1st, 2012


Waltz Mastering is dedicated to providing a high quality, fast and affordable mastering service for clients from anywhere around the world.

Waltz Mastering takes pride in delivering masters that meet and surpass our clients demands and vision and sound very balanced, warm, present, fat and loud without sounding harsh or crushed.

Modern recorded music needs to translate and sound it’s best on a wide variety
of playback systems from ear buds to a full out club systems and everything in between.

Understanding and having experience and an appreciation for the many genres and styles of music in addition to listening to our clients needs is at the heart of having the music sound it’s best. It is important to have attention paid to detail and for an album contents to have continuity and flow from song to song.

Please visit our web site at www.waltzmastering.com
or email Tom at www.waltzmastering@gmail.com

For more information about Argosy, please visit: Argosy Console

Studio Maia – Genova, Italy

February 14th, 2012

Studio Maia is a recording studio acoustically treated, finely equipped, with affordable price.
The studio specializes in the music recording, mixing and professional mastering.


Studio Maia is perfect to realize musical projects of Pop, Rock, Jazz /Blues / Soul, New Age, Hip Hop / R & B / Rap, Electronica / Dance and Classical Music.

The business was founded in 1996 by Verdiano Vera(Sound Engineer, Producer, Publisher, Studio Manager) and boasts the creation of numerous recording projects, film and television internationally.

Studio Maia is perfect also to realize Sound tracks and Sound Design 5.1, dubbing and voiceovers.


For more information about Studio Maia, please visit http://www.studiomaia.it

Detailed information about the ARGOSY studio furniture products featured can be found at http://www.ArgosyConsole.com

Hiltongrove Mastering; UK

January 27th, 2012

Welcome to David Blackman Hiltongrove Mastering, North Essex’s premier audio mastering studio. Tucked away on a farm not far from Stansted Airport, here you’ll find a mastering studio dedicated to giving you a great sounding master every time.

ARGOSY 50V-2R featured at Hiltongrove Mastering


A mastering engineer since 1996, David Blackman has worked on thousands of releases in that time. Whether it’s a simple editing and compiling job, or a full blown album master involving B-sides, single edits and vinyl parts, you can be sure of the same attention to detail and the highest quality results. Only the best gear will come near your audio in our mastering studio, and the results be reproduced through industry standard monitors in a highly treated listening environment.

For more information on Hiltongrove Mastering visit their website here: http://www.hiltongrovemastering.com/


For product information including configurations, dimensions, and pricing for the ARGOSY V-Series line, please visit ARGOSY here.

Mirage Furniture Solutions

September 20th, 2011


Unmistakable appeal, Mirage has created a bold new standard for combining beauty and function.  Each Mirage solution provides an inspirational landscape that allows you to escape the trappings of technology and gives you the opportunity to create your best work.  Properly configured for any screen based activity (command | control, broadcast, network operations) and with available rack turrets for ancillary equipment – the ARGOSY Mirage solution provides you with everything you need to take and keep control.

About Argosy Console, Inc.  Since 1994, Argosy Console provides the finest technical furniture solutions through select systems integrators and direct to the end user world-wide. For more information contact ARGOSY: http://www.ArgosyConsole.com | Tel: 800.315.0878 | Outside the U.S. +1.573.557.3150 | info@argosyconsole.com

Merayah Studio – Belgium

July 14th, 2011

Sammy Merayah chose the ARGOSY 90 Series Console for the heart of his music production facility; Merayah Studio.

ARGOSY @ Merayah Studio

Credits for Sammy include: Dimaro, The Salsa Brother, DHT as well as remixes for Coolio, Akon, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, T-Pain and many more….

Learn more about composer / producer / engineer Sammy Merayah by visiting www.facebook.com/merayah

and Sumi Records at www.facebook.com/sumirecords

You can find more about turning your room into a Dream Studio® by vising ARGOSY at: http://www.ArgosyConsole.com

Check out Sound Temple Studios

June 27th, 2011
Sound Temple Studios

Sound Temple Studios integrates the SSL Matrix with ARGOSY 90 Series

Based in Asheville North Carolina, Sound Temple Studios has recently installed an SSL Matrix in the ARGOSY 90 Series console

Read the full story from the pages of SSL website here…

ARGOSY designs and manufactures the finest technical furniture solutions and makes them available direct, or through select value added resellers and systems integrators.  You can reach ARGOSY by calling: 1.800.315.0878 or outside the U.S: 1-573-557-3150.  Email: info@argosyconsole.com or skype: argosyconsole